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Ali at the desk

Transmission Recording Studios is the trading name of Ali Gavan, an engineer,
producer, musician, songwriter and filmmaker based in the South of England.

Ali has been recording professionally since 2007 when he established
Transmission Studios in Hove. Since then he has recorded hundreds of bands,
musicians, voiceover artists, choirs, ensembles and groups from across a wide
range of genres.

Ali now co-owns Brighton Road Recording Studios, five minutes North of Brighton.

Ali strongly believes in the importance of sound at source and that each session or
project has different requirements. He also believes understanding what someone
is trying to achieve is the most important part of any recording. Ali is very happy
to produce, compose and arrange tracks or even whole albums, or he is happy to
simply engineer and concentrate solely on realising a project. Ali is genuinely proud
of what he has recorded and retains a special affection for the 'album' as a format.

Ali has toured all around the world, predominantly playing drums. He also is a very
able guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and singer. He has been known to play the flute,
violin and saxophone, but not nearly as well. Ali most enjoys the projects where he
 is required to play some (or all) of the instruments. There are examples of his work
like this here. He also enjoys engineering, mixing and producing other people's
projects and a large variety of sessions he has done can be accessed through the
links on the MUSIC page of this website. Ali also composes music for FILM & TV.

Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT Ali with any questions you might have.
It's always worth having a chat to work out what we think is the best, or quickest way
to go about your session and get a result that we will all be extremely proud of.

Ali x